Host Your Expedition

Hey there, we hear you want to host an expedition. Here are the details:


Host of the expedition is responsible for:

  • Organizing their group
  • Creating an itinerary
  • Hosting her/his Yoga classes (or Activities involved for you expedition)
  • Arranging meals on board or on shore
  • Planning shore/sea excursions
  • This is your expedition, you are the Expedition Master!


Adventure Boat is responsible for:

  • Moving the boats
  • Moving passengers
  • Keeping the boats from sinking
  • Keeping passengers from sinking
  • Providing a fun and beautiful place to do whatever you want to do
  • Except sinking. But if that's what you're into, we can help you with that too


We know you’re busy and we want this experience to be amazing for everyone involved, so if you need help with any of your responsibilities let us know.

Add Ons Include:

  • Buffet Style Breakfast and Lunch $10/pp (Price may vary depending on dietary needs)
  • Pre-planned shore Meals (Price will vary)
  • Pre-planned shore excursions (Price will vary)
  • Pre-planned boat activities including but not limited to scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing classes, etc. (Price will vary)


Want more information?


Here's how it works:


Think of us as a venue, a fast moving floating hotel roaming around the Eastern Caribbean. You let us know what you want to do, where you want to go, and we make it happen.


Let's use Kierstin as an example. Kierstin is a popular Yoga instructor and has a great following. She keeps getting asked to do a retreat, but wants to offer her students something different. She wants to give her students an experience they can hold on to. So, Kierstin sends us a message with her idea: Deserted Island Beach Yoga. There's a direct flight from her town to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, so she decides that's the place for the expedition. Using the calendar below she checked our availability knows what dates she'd like as well. We confirm the dates and ideas are good and give her a call to work out details.


So, Kierstin has her expedition planned and decides to make it a public event, as well. We put it online and make cabins available for purchase. Kierstin is responsible for getting her students to book their cabins online. Once we have reached $10,000 in cabin sales the event is locked in and the sales are held as a deposit. If we don't reach the minimum, the expedition is canceled and all booked cabins are refunded. She has about a month to reach this.


Everyone likes Kierstin’s idea and cabins are booked, the minimum was met, plane tickets found, everyone arrives and we have a wonderful expedition hosted by our Expedition Master, Kierstin. Often tips are left at the end of a trip, which is split between Kierstin and crew. Also, after expenses for the trip are calculated (including Kierstin's travel expenses) and if there is any profit, Kierstin takes 15% in compensation for the planning and hosting of her expedition.

Everyone is happy with the expedition and want to make it a yearly thing. So Kierstin locks in dates for next year - in Belize.


Got it? Cool - See our availability below and let us know!