Pirates! and Other Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring?

Expedition master: Any props you need to host your retreat, a passport, and a swimsuit. This is boat life, pack light!
Guest: A passport, a swimsuit, and a toothbrush. Welcome to our world:)

I have a Book Club can I still host an expedition?

Do you have a following or people interested in joining you? If so, do your thing! We want Expedition Masters to host expeditions they feel passionate about. If books are your thing, bring them on board (we love books too :p)

Do I have to have a big following to host an expedition?

Having a big following is not required, but it will help. We give Expedition Masters a month to fill their retreat. You can chose to have an open or closed retreat. If you don’t have a big following an open retreat would be your best bet!